My favorite color? ... life !

Bernard Cadène
Artist Painter of Color

I’ve always been terribly torn between art and music. I devoted myself to playing the violin for 10 years before turning to the double bass, and during my studies at the Toulouse School of Art, I continued playing with various groups that went from bar to bar all over “la ville rose”.

I happily pursued this double life after getting my Art teaching degree, winning 18 drawing and painting awards including the Lefranc “grand prix”, and landing a job! A day and a half after starting however, I ran off to go to greener pastures. What can I say…it was 1968.

I met and hastily married my Charentaise princess; Christiane, who is still by my side, and we had a fabulous son called François. I couldn’t keep the wolf from the door with art alone, so I started working in advertising and audiovisual media.

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